Saturday, 25 June 2011

Air Pollution???!!!

Everyday  when I wake up, I wish for a pleasant, refreshing morning, so I can be chirpy for the rest of the day..... But I never am :(, because of the early morning fragrance I'm forced to experience. I have a sharp nose and weak stomach. A whiff of garbage and my stomach makes it's presence felt! Let me tell you my almost daily routinue: As soon as I get up I go brush my teeth as i can't stand the smell of my own breath (my stomach is objecting as i write this...bleccch!). After I get ready for work my smelly day begins, on the bus. It takes me 2 hrs to reach destination- work,  so i've all the time in the world to check if my olfactory nerves are in working condition...
So today when i got on the already crowded Majestic bus, everything seemed rather smelled alright. But halfway through the journey my nose sensed that somebody had eaten either potato, or cholay, or simply forgotten to release their excrement! Imagine my plight - bus fully crowded with absoloutely no space for fresh air to circulate. At this rate i'll be amazed if i don't get 'Asthama' or 'Bronchitis' or something.My dear friends please put extra efforts into ejecting your digestive excess. Half an hour later i was glad to get out of that bus.. phewwww!! My journey led me to another bus. I was hoping to get a window seat on the HAL bus with nice wind gushing on my face, but I get stuck in between ladies. one of them had forgotten to brush her teeth, and was standing right next to me :(. She was good looking, well dressed and all that but her realitywas known when she opened her mouth ugggh! When she spoke, the dosa i had eaten for breakfast started moving against the force of gravity.(No thankfully i did not throw up!). Another request my dear friends please, PLEASE brush your teeth and step out of the house, it could be tortuous to your fellow travelers, Close-up, Colgate, Pepsodent were all made for your usage so USE it! So how do you think the rest of my day went??!!


  1. hehehe i know what u r talking about. i also wish some would make efforts to put some deodorant to their arm pits and wash their head once in a while
    malathi S

  2. MOmmmmmYYyyyy!!!!! :P phlrrrr...!!!

  3. huh! Pity on your situation Malavika :( Wish everyone follows the good healthy practices!

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  5. visualizing ur experience....